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Spreading Hope!

Weeks of planning, lots of Zoom meetings and hours of hard work behind them, a group of Winchester students can be very proud of their efforts. 

Project Grow Your Mind linked 4th graders across the district with a group of Winchester High School students. The WHS students provided zoom lessons about growing flowers from bulbs.

" The 4th grade students were 100% engaged and the WHS students did a great job with the presentation, activities and answering the many questions of our young learners."  Leslie West, Muraco Principal

WIth their questions answered, elementary students were ready to dig in the dirt. High School mentors supervised as kids planted 1,000+ tulip bulbs.

"They were so into it. It was awesome." Caleb O'Connor, Student Innovation Grant Recipient.

WIth luck, spring 2021 will see a renewal of hope marked by the blooming of thousands of tulips. WHS students have already achieved the goal they set when they reached out to WFEE for support. 

"We are seeking opportunities to strengthen our community after being months apart due to the pandemic. We are striving to rebuild mentoring relationships between older and younger students."

Job well done!

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