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Longtime WFEE Partner continues support


WFEE  is proud to celebrate its ongoing partnership with Barrett Sotheby's International Realty. Our relationship began more than a decade ago when realtor Anne Spry became a major sponsor of WFEE. When Anne sold her to Barrett Sotheby's International Realty our partnership continued.  Anne Spry and Katie Tully, now agents for Barrett Sotheby's International Realty, remain Business Ambassadors donating a percentage of their personal commissions on home sales to WFEE.

In 2021 Barrett Sotheby's International Realty became Queen Bee sponsors of our re-imagined Trivia Bee, the Bee in a Bag. Only fitting since owner Laurie Cadigan is a certified Beekeeper. Some things were meant to "bee." As circumstances kept us apart again in 2022, Barrett Sotheby's Internaional Reality remained an enthusiastic partner, again serving as an Queen Bee Sponsor. Sweet as honey!

“We believe strong schools build strong communities and do nothing but increase the value of our town’s real estate.”

- Anne Spry, Barrett Sotheby's International Realty.

“I think WFEE plays an integral role in the success of Winchester’s public school system. As parents, we chose the Winchester Public School system for our children. I have seen the positive impact of many WFEE grants. Those grants encourage teachers to think creatively. WFEE is able to provide significant funding so its grants touch every student in our community." 


WFEE is proud to partner with Barrett Sotheby's International Realty. We appreciate the company’s generosity and applaud their recognition of the relationship between a strong housing market and excellent schools.


19 Church st.

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Winchester co-operative bank 

The Winchester Co-operative Bank has been a major supporter of WFEE for more than a decade, donating $30,000 toward the powerED UP! campaign and taking a leadership role as a sponsor of the WFEE Town Day Road Race. In 2021 the Bank became the primary sponsor of Authorfest, proud to ensure the continuation of this longtime Winchester tradition.


“We take our commitment to community very seriously and there is nothing more central to Winchester’s identity than its strong schools. We believe our partnership with WFEE supports and strengthens those schools as the community strives to provide an even better education to all students.”

- Mark Kellet, WCB President and CEO 

WCB is celebrating its 125th year of serving the Winchester community. The Bank is committed to providing a safe depository for its members and to lending funds to improve its members' lives. The Bank believes its commitment to fast, friendly customer service has helped WCB grow and thrive.



38 Montvale Ave.

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Classic craftsmanship combined with 21st century technology

Don and Elyse Foote raised their family in Winchester, sending three children through the public schools. As a businessman, he considers generous gifts to WFEE a good investment.

"I support WFEE because it is a professional run organization that thinks deeply about how best to use organization resources to invest intelligently in our schools. Their grants are investments in our community, and in the future of our town."

- Don Foote



661 mAIN ST

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The Winchester Savings Bank has supported WFEE since 2000, acting as a sponsor of the WFEE Trivia Bee and partnering with WFEE to present a Speaker and Workshop Series at Winchester High School, highlighting those who work at the intersection of art and technology.

 “We understand how important strong schools are to the fabric of the community. One reason Winchester Public Schools are so extraordinary is that educators are constantly challenging our students. The CTC Workshop and Lecture Series has taken that challenge to new levels.”

- Peter Segerstrom, WSB President and CEO 

WSB's $30,000 gift supporting powerED UP! helped to ensure integration of technology into Winchester's public schools.  Strength, service and community are the core values of this institution which has been a part of Winchester for 145 years.

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