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COVID-19 Resources

As we all continue to negotiate the "new normal" WFEE is committed to providing on-going support for Winchester educators and students. To date, Winchester Public School administrators have asked WFEE to fund online mindfulness training for educators. WFEE responded with a $6,900 grant which will provide teacher professional development through Mindful Schools

  • Mindful Schools is also providing free online classes for your children. Sign up online


Other online resources include:

  • History at Play focuses on the stories of influential and often forgotten women. While live performances are on hold the organization is offering both free programming and virtual pay to watch performances.

  • Some of WFEE's favorite illustrators of children's literature are working together to create an online book. Friend Marty Kelley on Facebook to watch it unfold.  How can you not love a group of guys who call themselves Exquisite Dorks?

  • MIT is moving Full STEAM Ahead to provide free online resources for everyone looking for innovative ways to keep learning moving forward

  • The Nature Conservancy is offering virtual field trips - what could be more fun? Still in your jammies and visiting Borneo, that's a field trip to remember

WFEE will update these resources daily so check back often! Stay safe, wash your hands and come out on your porch every night at 6pm to connect with your neighbors from a distance. 

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