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frequently asked questions

  • How long has WFEE been in Winchester?
    A group of local residents established WFEE in 1992 as an independent, nonprofit organization to provide financial support for the Winchester public schools.How does WFEE serve students and teachers?
  • How does WFEE serve students and teachers?
    WFEE focuses on encouraging leadership and inspiring innovation. We do that through grants that: Support educator development, allowing educators to attend professional development that directly impacts instruction Power the future, funding hands on technology for educators and students Spark new perspectives, giving educators the opportunity to develop classroom based projects that challenge and interest their students Inspire student leadership through Student Innovation Grants, funding inventors and entrepreneurs.
  • What does WFEE consider when making funding decisions?
    The Foundation seeks to fund teacher-driven educational initiatives that: Enrich teaching, learning, professional development, and student growth and development throughout the Winchester Public School system; Reinforce and enhance the goals and objectives of the Winchester Public School system; Encourage leadership, creativity, and collaboration; and Seed new approaches that launch long-term, self-sustaining improvements in our schools.
  • How are grants awarded?
    Each grant proposal is evaluated by the Foundation’s Grants Committee which is made up of Trustees and independent professional educators who live in Winchester, but are not connected with the Winchester Public Schools.
  • What technology initiatives has WFEE supported?
    Through the powerED UP! campaign that ended in 2017 WFEE donated $850,000 to Winchester Public Schools for hardware, software and professional development designed to integrate technology into all Winchester classrooms.
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