The excitement of meeting a real author and sharing writing tips in person is something a child won't forget. That experience is at the core of Winchester's Authorfest, held this year on October 16, 2019. More than 4,500 students met with authors and illustrators that day. Check out our list of presenters.

Each presentation was unique but there was a theme - we are all creative but it takes work!

"Any time you want to get good at something, you have to practice." Ruth Chan


"Everyone of us has a story to tell." Mary Beth Stevens


"Everything that happened to me as a kid I turned into some sort of a book. The life around us is the inspiration." Jack Gantos.

WFEE has been a proud sponsor of our community's annual celebration of children's literature for many years. This cherished Winchester event brings together thousands of students across all of our schools with renowned authors and illustrators for a day to share the love of books. 

Special thanks to Book Ends for making our book sale possible!

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