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Trivia Bee

Wednesday, February 7th

Winchester Town Hall


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Join the Hive!

The WFEE Trivia Bee is the best excuse to get out of the house in February that we know.  

Sign up your team today!

It is easy to play - teams of three compete in 7 rounds. The winners of each round square off for the championship round. Trivia questions come from history, sports, popular culture, literature and geography. And, no, we aren't using last year's questions!

There's more than just trivia! Be clever with your team name and your outfits for the evening- there is a "Best Dressed" contest as part of the evening. WinCam will show the whole event live, and will replay several times, so make sure your team stands out!

The evening starts at 7pm with a round of trivia for 5th graders. Each school brings a team for this special round. Be there on time to cheer on your favorite elementary school!

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Friends of the Hive:
Costello Funeral Home
Glen Doherty Memorial FundMcCall Middle school Parents
Middlesex Driving Academy
Vinson-Owen Parents
Winchester High school PFA

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