Sarah Swiger Award

Sarah Swiger served Winchester many years as a School Committee member, community activist and education advocate. Her work was recognized across Massachusetts, her death in 2014 is a loss that is still keenly felt by her family, colleagues and educators. WFEE is proud to honor Sarah with the annual presentation of the Sarah Swiger Award.


Sarah Swiger, Winchester Educator

Joel Buford gets Swiger hug.jpg

Joel Buford,McCall Middle School

Paul Debenedictis, lincoln elementary school

Jared Huber, Winchester High School

Lynn King, mccall middle school

are the recipients of
the 2021 Sarah Swiger Award.

Each year WFEE identifies one educator to receive the Sarah Swiger Award, recognizing a teacher focused on the whole child. But, in 2021, WFEE's sixth year of making this award, we couldn't pick just one. 

"Joel Buford's passion for music and the creative and nurturing power it has is unparrelled and demonstrated every day." 

Joel is known not just as an extraordinary music teachers, he is recognized as an educator who cares deeply about children as individuals.

"Being in Mr. D.'s classroom is a treat. The atmosphere is filled with contagious energy and with happy, earnest voices discussing, debating or describing some important idea."

Paul became an educator to be a positive force for those students who don't love school. Whether he is teaching math or drumming, he is known for encouraging positivity and reflection.

"Jared goes above and beyond for each one of his students. Jared's creativity has kept his students connected,  engaged and enthusiastic even while learning from home." 


Jared works with students in the post graduate program, focusing on helping them develop independence. He is recognized for his compassion and kind spirit.  

"Lynn is one of the fiercest advocates of children I have ever met. She is a fixer and a doer. She is always moving at breakneck speed, making sure that day in and day out things get done that are so crucially important but that slip through the cracks."

Known for her work at McCall's Learning Center, Lynn is admired by students and colleagues alike.


WFEE is proud to honor these extraordinary educators, giving each a $1,000 grant to be used for their work. We know that Sarah joins the WFEE Board of Trustees in saying thank you for your work that is truly changing lives.