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Sarah Swiger Award

Sarah Swiger served Winchester many years as a School Committee member, community activist and education advocate. Her work was recognized across Massachusetts, her death in 2014 is a loss that is still keenly felt by her family, colleagues and educators. WFEE is proud to honor Sarah with the annual presentation of the Sarah Swiger Award. Each year WFEE recognizes one or more educators who personify Sarah's focus on the whole child. 

The Swiger Award goes to an educator who is both an excellent teacher and wise mentor.

Sarah Swiger, Winchester Educator

In 2023 WFEE has recognized three educators: Melissa Testa, Muraco Elementary School, Erika Guckenberger, McCall Middle School and Joyce Anderson, Winchester High School.

"Melissa Testa is everything The Swiger Award embodies.  She has been a moral compass for her colleagues, a wealth of knowledge for her students’ parents and a trusted and loved mentor to any child who has had the fortune to have her as a teacher. " Leah Ferullo, Muraco Educator 

"Erika is the epitome of and expert in her field. She does not preach inclusion she exalts it daily. She treats students and staff with respect and she models a calm learning focused approach without sacrificing high standards for student output." Isaac Daigle, McCall Educator 

"Joyce Anderson is the glue that holds the world language department together. She is a constant voice of reason and encouragement. In the more than thirty years that Joyce has been a teacher for the Winchester Public Schools, it is apparent that her number one priority is the education of her students."  Erin Foley, WHS Educator

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