WFEE promises Winchester elementary school children the chance to experience excitement and joy during this unusual school year with an online academy.  During this two week pilot, each student has the option of participating in 8 different classes during their remote school hours.  Programming for WPS students in grades K-5  will be offered on Monday and Tuesday, then again on Thursday and Friday during unscheduled school hours.






This virtual program will take youth through a series of true and false statements to address some of the common misconceptions about sharks. The statements included cover the basics of shark biology, as well as local white shark research. Students will observe fossils and tag models as part of this program. Time will be provided for Questions and Answers.

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The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC) is a non-profit organization supporting scientific research, educating the community, and improving public safety. AWSC strives to increase knowledge of Atlantic white sharks to change public perception and conserve the species and ensure biologically diverse marine ecosystems.


Students will explore making different rhythms and beats through body percussion and percussion on various everyday found objects. Participants will connect to their inner musician and move through an introduction to body percussion, a "junkyard items" orchestra--in which students will practice playing found objects such as plastic bags, metal spoons, and tin cans--and finally, a drumming combination with music. 

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Noa Barankin, an award-winning choreographer, dancer, and musician, is the founding director of DrumatiX, a Boston-based novel tap dance and percussion group. DrumatiX creates a brand-new blend of dance and drumming using: tap dance, everyday objects, large drums/barrels, body percussion, technology, audience interaction, and tons of humor! 


Whether your story is fact or fiction, you’ll learn how to grow and organize your ideas and turn them into a script for reading or performing later with your friends.  Learn to create a story board and dialogue, as we write our own original script.  You’ll be coached through quick and easy steps to bring your ideas from your memories or imagination, to the page and to the stage.

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Kristy Pace, originally from Boston, is the Artistic Director of Pocket Full of Tales Theatre Co.  She has an MA in Theatre Education from Emerson College and now lives and works bicoastal, in Los Angeles and Boston.  She hosts award winning children's theatre workshops in MA at TCAN and  in CA with TurnAround CA and LAUSD, coaching classroom teachers in how to integrate theatre into Math, Science and Social Studies lessons.


Professional circus performers will demonstrate fun circus arts skills like juggling, poi, clown, acrobatics and/or balancing, and show you what you can learn and practice at home, reusing items you may have already or just your own amazing body and imagination! Understand circus physics & physiology and learn circus traditions come from. 

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Marci & Marisa Diamond are co-founders/directors of Diamond Family Circus  They have extensive performance, teaching, and consulting experience, including facilitation of live, virtual circus & theater arts programs across Canada and the U.S,.  Diamond Family Circus is nationally recognized  for utilizing circus arts as tools for social justice, and youth/community development.






Let’s explore the world together!  We’ll visit different countries around the globe and learn about their music traditions.  You’ll learn how to play along with each culture’s traditional songs using body percussion or found materials in your own home.  Our passport stops include Africa, South America, the Caribbean Isles, the Middle East, and Europe before we head back to the United States.  

Science, art, and literacy all while covering the Massachusetts State Science Standards! Cut out a snowflake with author Valerie Marsh and tell a story with a surprise ending. Then with Miss Liz the Science Wiz, use your snowflake and simple supplies around your house to conduct snow experiments covering physics and chemistry! Interactive, hands-on learning!

Artists throughout time have expressed themselves and their beliefs through self portraiture. We'll be taking inspiration from history and creating our own reflective, self portraits using easily found materials at home. Younger artists will explore color, shape, and beginner drawing skills while older artists will dive into themes of community, family, personal aspirations and dreams. 

When we close a storybook at the point of conflict everyone shares the role of “playwright” as we imagine how to “play right” and develop an original end to the author’s story ourselves.  Students will then actively bring to life the newly imagined endings.  Social empathy and positive conflict resolution are explored with creative dramatics and active storytelling. 

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Sylvie Zakarian is a Bulgarian-born percussionist and winner of international music competitions who has given critically acclaimed recitals at many national and international venues.  In addition to being a faculty member at Winchester Community Music School, she also serves on the faculty of The Longy School of Bard College and as an affiliate at the Office for the Arts at Harvard University. 

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Valerie Marsh is the author of 13 storytelling books, a writing teacher, and storyteller. As science teacher and performer, Miss Liz the Science Wiz uses actions to anchor basic scientific facts presented in our programs.

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Studio on the Common is a gathering place where community, creativity and connection are embedded in everything they do from charity events, curating gifts, art classes and collaborations with the many local businesses and organizations that serve us all. When it comes to art classes they take pride in providing unique and innovative curriculums that allow young artists to experiment with a variety of mediums and subjects. 

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Kidstock! of has been a creative home for every stage of imagination since 1992 with workshops, presentations and productions.  Their unique style of educational creative theater empowers young imaginations, builds confidence in self expression, nurtures social empathy with the active examination of how characters resolve problems and develops respect for group goals in teamwork and compromise through onstage workshops, rehearsals and presentations.

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