WFEE promises Winchester elementary school children the chance to experience excitement and joy during this unusual school year with an online academy. Each each student has the option of participating in 8 different classes during their remote school hours. Programming for WPS students in grades K-5  will be offered on Monday and Tuesday, then again on Thursday and Friday during unscheduled school hours.

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NOON on February 25th. 





Registration this time is by GRADE, not by school




ACTors of


INVENTION CONVENTION is a holistic drama experiences. . The  teacher acts as a curator of a museum of modern inventions Students each play new  inventors who are presented with problems that need inventive solutions.  Each student creates a drawing/design and a short presentation that will describe their invention and how it works.  This class will engage students in role play, spoken presentation, imagination and creative problem solving.

ANIMAL TAI CHI will introduce an original animal-based story “The Story of Chen” while learning fun, easy to follow exercises that are based in Tai Chi, a mindful movement practice that began in ancient China. Tai Chi has been shown to improve focus, circulation, mobility, and balance, and help relieve stress, and is sensory-friendly and adaptable for all abilities.

ACTORS OF KINDNESS uses creative theater and dramatic storytelling to explore how we all can bring more joy to the world around us, as well as to ourselves, with kindness.  We will learn how to deal with our own “inner meanie” voice while spotlighting ways to positively express our own voice in supportive and communal ways.



TRASH TALK asks if you’ve ever wondered about the trash that just one Happy Meal creates? Dissect a real Happy Meal with us and find out! Discover how long common items take to decompose. Use sign language to sing a song about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! We will also do some climate change simulations and discuss how your actions can help the Earth get better!

about the educational artist

Kristy Pace, originally from Boston, is the Artistic Director of Pocket Full of Tales Theatre Co.  She has an MA in Theatre Education from Emerson College and now lives and works bicoastal, in Los Angeles and Boston.  She hosts award winning children's theatre workshops in MA at TCAN and  in CA with TurnAround CA and LAUSD, coaching classroom teachers in how to integrate theatre into Math, Science and Social Studies lessons.

about the educational artist

J.T. Turner is an award-winning professional actor, director & writer who tours in-person and virtually throughout North America with his original programs about Dickens, Muir, Frost, Franklin, Shakespeare, Aesop, C.S. Lewis & Washington Irving, among others. He recently served as historical consultant and commentator for The Travel Channel’s “Salem Live”, and is also a professional public speaking/acting coach, fight choreographer, circus ringmaster, and a certified Tai Chi and Meditation instructor, with specialization in adaptive Tai Chi.

about the educational artist

Kidstock! of has been a creative home for every stage of imagination since 1992 with drama workshops, interactive presentations and productions.  Their unique style of educational creative theater empowers young imaginations, builds confidence in self expression, nurtures social empathy with the active examination of how characters resolve problems and develops respect for group goals in teamwork and compromise through onstage workshops, rehearsals and presentations.

about the educational artist

Valerie Marsh is the author of 13 storytelling books, a writing teacher, and storyteller. As science teacher and performer, Miss Liz the Science Wiz uses actions to anchor basic scientific facts presented in our programs.


SHARK SEQUEL will look at how sharks are all too often portrayed as villains in our ocean. These movies aren’t doing sharks justice in how they are portrayed, and the movie animators often exaggerate features making the sharks seem scarier than they would be in real life. Youth will compare & contrast photographs of movie depictions of sharks with actual photographs of shark species, to identify the falsehoods of what is portrayed in the movies.

about the educational artist

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC) is a non-profit organization supporting scientific research, educating the community, and improving public safety. AWSC strives to increase knowledge of Atlantic white sharks to change public perception and conserve the species and ensure biologically diverse marine ecosystems.



BAM! BOP! BOOM! jumps into a sea of bold designs, bright colors, and fun faces as we learn all about the Pop Art movement. We’ll get to know artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Yayoi Kusama while we create our own eye catching, inspired works of art. Gather your favorite coloring tools, paper, and pencil, and get ready for all the electrifying excitement of Pop Art!

about the educational artist

Studio on the Common is a gathering place where community, creativity and connection are embedded in everything they do from charity events, curating gifts, art classes and collaborations with the many local businesses and organizations that serve us all. When it comes to art classes they take pride in providing unique and innovative curriculums that allow young artists to experiment with a variety of mediums and subjects. 



WHOOPS, THERE IT IS! will review safety and structure for comedy, and practice the art of physical comedy through facial acrobatics, slapstick, pratfalls, improvisation, and traditional clown gags like “Grapefruit” for a fun session full of laughter building physical literacy, teamwork, creativity, and confidence. 

about the educational artist

Marci & Marisa Diamond are co-founders/directors of Diamond Family Circus  They have extensive performance, teaching, and consulting experience, including facilitation of live, virtual circus & theater arts programs across Canada and the U.S,.  Diamond Family Circus is nationally recognized  for utilizing circus arts as tools for social justice, and youth/community development.



BANG YOUR OWN DRUM celebrates everyone's unique identity and their innate desire to express themselves through sound and movement.  Students will physically "sound off" as they explore the concepts of rhythmic storytelling & songwriting on their feet.  Improvised percussion with various household objects as our "drums" will not only promote peer appreciation but allow for collaboration between everyone's unique beat!

about the educational artist

Noa Barankin is an award-winning choreographer, dancer, and musician presenting courtesy of Young Audiences of Massachusetts.  She is the founding director of DrumatiX, a Boston-based novel tap dance and percussion group. DrumatiX creates a brand-new blend of dance and drumming with tons of humor! DrumatiX has performed in venues such as Lincoln Center and Symphony Space (NYC), Clayton Opera House (NY), Rochester Fringe Festival (NY), and in many popular New England venues.



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