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process & deadlines

Helping teachers as they strive to bring creativity and innovation to the classroom is the core of WFEE's mission.

FEB. 26

Education and PD Grants DUE

FEB. 26

education and pd grants due


student innovation grants 

Grant deadlines:


WFEE typically offers two deadlines for Professional Development grants, fall and winter.   If you are interested in professional development that will occur before the end of the school year or in early June you should apply by the September deadline. If you are interested in courses that will occur in the summer or fall of the following school year you should apply by the January deadline. 

Education grants will be reviewed in both September of 2023 and February of 2024; we will review grant requests again toward the end of the school year.

Student Innovation grants can be submitted anytime.  We will make decisions on a rolling basis within 2 weeks of submission. That means there isn't one deadline, this is open for the year.

Grant requests that involve the purchase of technology such as classroom sets of student devices like Chromebooks or iPads, lcd projectors or teacher laptops should go directly to the Winchester Public Schools. For more information, contact Jessica Palino at



Process Basics for grant proposals:

  • Talk to your principal or department head before you write your grant.

  • Grants Committee meets in September to consider the first round of grants and in March to review the second round of grants;

  • WFEE Board reviews Committee recommendations in October and March or April;

  • Grants presented to the School Committee in  both October and March or April;

  • Applicants are then notified about the status of their grant proposal.


The WFEE Grants Review Committee consists of WFEE trustees and educators from the community who are not employed by the Town of Winchester.


The Review Committee considers each application and all proposals go through a rigorous approval process. Grantees are expected to share the results of their experiences with the Winchester community.

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