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Creativity, innovation and excitement – WFEE exists to bring all of those things to the Winchester Public Schools. The 2020-2021 school year has forced us all to stretch and grow in ways we never imagined. WFEE responded with initiatives such as a virtual Authorfest and the WFEE Academy, designed to provide online learning opportunities for elementary students. While we have flexible with our response to grant requests, we haven't strayed from our mission.


Founded in 1992, WFEE is deeply rooted in the community, grateful for the support of neighbors that has allowed us to donate $5+ million dollars to the Winchester public schools. Our initiatives touch every student in the district through:

  • Education and professional development grants – annual seed money for creative projects that span every public school in Winchester. 

  • System wide initiatives - gifts to meet critical needs apparent in all Winchester schools. WFEE recently  completed an $850,000 campaign, powerED UP! designed to transform learning in all Winchester classrooms through the effective integration of technology. Through our efforts, WPS updated wireless infrastructure, management software, purchased thousands of student devices and provided teacher training across all grade levels. 


We hope you share our belief that that by inspiring a teacher you influence a whole generation.  Thank you for your commitment to education.


Deb DePeter
WFEE President, 2020-2021

Board of Directors 2020-2021


Deb DePeter


Beth Maher


Nick D'Angelo

Executive Director

Caren Connelly


Andrea Cawthorne

Julie Condron

Ceci Cordeiro

Deborah DePeter

Abbie DiMatteo

Heidi Driscoll

Maura Fredey

Mai Harrison

Mara Kelly

Sheena Kidd

Cindy Luthern

Brian Milauskas

Carolyn Nolan

Bob O'Connor

Lisa Ohlaharski 

Elana Rudiger

Cortney Stevenson

Rebecca Tellesfsen

Emily Trent

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