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Graphic Novel Mini Unit at Vinson-Owen

As the third grade teachers at Vinson-Owen got to know their students this year they realized that many of the students lacked confidence in reading, and few saw themselves as good readers. These dedicated teachers realized they needed to do something. Studies have shown that readers with higher self-confidence are more willing to learn, challenge themselves, and have better resilience in the face of difficult transitions.

The third grade team turned to graphic novels to help students build confidence in reading.

"Strong imagery in graphic novels can help support our readers in understanding complex storylines, developing their higher level thinking skills, captivating their attention, and making them see themselves as readers" -Tara Remmes, 3rd grade teacher

WFEE was thrilled to help get this mini unit starting, by purchasing the books that students would use to create book clubs in their classrooms.

The books created great buzz in the classroom! Students, who didn't see themselves as readers before, were now meeting in book clubs with their classmates, excited to talk about what they were reading. Many students identified the book they read as their favorite book they've ever read, and are looking forward to reading more books!

Book Review from a V-O 3rd grade student

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