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Better and Bolder!

COVID shut down the Winchester High School spring musical for the last two years. But the fun is back! This year's offering, Anything Goes!, opens Friday with a special twist.

The WHS Tech Crew has upped the ante with intricate sets and the introduction of computer generated images to make the production more appealing. But making the images work required upgraded software. Students turned to WFEE. "The Tech Crew would like to use the Isadora software to add another dimension to our productions with projector mapping. This allows us to overlay textures and images via projectors onto the set and make it more lifelike. " Quinn Shoffner, WHS Student WFEE said yes, the students went to work and the show opens at WHS on Friday night. Anything Goes! is a madcap love story set on an ocean liner. The show debuted on Broadway in 1934. The 2022 version promises to be just as amusing but a lot more high tech! Tickets available at the door.

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