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You Guys Did It!

With that declaration, Lynch teacher John McMahan declared the school's weather station open for business.

It was McMahan's third grade students who decided the school needed a weather station to collect data for their science classes.  They applied to WFEE for a Student Innovation Grant to purchase the station. Instead of filling out a form to explain why Lynch needs a weather station, they produced a video.

"Over a three week period they brainstormed, wrote, directed, and starred in a completely original video."

John McMahan, Lynch Elementary School 

Did the video explain the need? Take a look for yourself.

The mechanics of the station which measure things such as wind speed, precipitation and humidity are located on the roof of Lynch Elementary. A small computer providing data on an ongoing basis is located in a hall outside of McMahan's 3rd grade classroom.


The data helps students understand the science of weather, providing real time information that answers important questions like "Is it too rainy for recess?" Hands-on learning showing students how to access information relevant to their lives - the recipe for a successful WFEE grant!

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