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The Wiggle Fidgets

You know the feeling - sometimes you just have to move or you think you might jump out of your skin. If you're a student sitting in an elementary classroom your options aren't great. Fidget too much and you might make the teacher mad. Request too many trips to the bathroom or the nurse's office and you could be labeled a troublemaker. 

At Ambrose Elementary there is another option - take a pass through the Sensory Motor Pathway. 

You can hop, skip or jump along decals running down the corridor. Following the decals gives kids a quick break, teaching them how to regulate their bodies so they enter the classroom ready to learn.

"I like it because you get your energy out!"


 4th grade

Occupational Therapist Susan McCartney asked WFEE to fund the sensory pathway last year. Two corridors were equipped with pathways in the spring, a third was added Tuesday, the first day of school.

"It has been even more successful than I hoped! It is a great way to teach students to take care of their own bodies."

Susan McCartney

Ambrose Educator

As the first week of a new school year ends we are all still trying to get in a routine. Take a short break is good for everyone!

"It makes you feel better. It is like a short recess that makes you feel better."


4th grade 

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