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The Authors are Gone...

...but, we had a lot of fun.

More than 4,500 Winchester students had the chance to meet an author or illustrator this week, all part of Authorfest. Our youngest learners heard about Tippy, a puppy needing a forever home.  But, the author snuck in an important message for budding writers-everyone has a story to tell.

At WHS students heard from best selling author and podcaster Steve Almond.

"My career is writing about things that obsess me, and it turns out that isn't a bad job." Steve Almond

Newbury award winner Jack Gantos mesmerized middle school students, telling them, "I was 'that kid,' off the charts active and in trouble."

"You've got a book in you, but how do you get it out? That's why I am here." Jack Gantos

"He was inspirational, he provided a clear process/action steps students can take to become authors." Kristin Rivais

So, thank you! It is your gifts to WFEE that make Authorfest possible. 

Special thanks to Book Ends for making our book sale possible!

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