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The Answer is...

Last week I asked, what's in the bag? Not a telescope, not a ham radio, not snowshoes. It is a portable planetarium called Starlab. 

 "The Starlab planetarium is a powerful model that allows teachers to bring the night sky into classrooms during the school day."

Katherine Dwyer, STEM Elementary Coordinator

WFEE funded the first district's Starlab many years ago for McCall Middle School. It has been well used, well loved and is well near worn out. 

Katherine Dwyer requested and received WFEE funding to purchase a new Starlab. This Starlab will be used at both the middle and elementary schools. New state science standards emphasis hands on learning, using real world experiences. 

"Using the Starlab children will be able to observe patterns in our sky and explore our place in the universe as a whole." Katherine Dwyer

Muraco parent Christine Hollenhorst was first to identify the bag as Starlab, winning a pair of tickets to WFEE's 25th gala All the Jazz on October 27. 

Congratulations to Christine and, don't panic, the event isn't sold out...yet.

Watch your mailbox and for more details!

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