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Tech + Fashion = ?

Meghan Doyle launched her career as a fashion designer while cleaning out her closet as a Winchester High School freshman in 2001. She realized she could deconstruct and reconstruct her clothes, creating a new wardrobe for no money. But she didn't know that a successful career in design would require more than a good eye.

"There is a lot of math in fashion design!"

Meghan Doyle, WHS Alumni, 2005

Doyle spoke to current WHS students as part of the Winchester Savings Bank Speaker Series, produced in conjunction with WFEE. According to Bank President and CEO Peter Segerstrom, the WInchester Savings Bank is funding the series as "...part of the bank's commitment to sponsor local schools and the technologies that will drive our lives going forward." 

Doyle warned students that early in her career she hit roadblocks because she wasn't adept at computer programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. 

Mastering those skills allowed her to move into a creative design career, opening the door to her current project, launching her own line of clothes called Tallulah and Poppy.

"Knowledge is really powerful, learn as much as you can and get as much experience as you can."

Last week Doyle showed her line at Style Week in Providence. Next steps? A series of pop up events and trunk shows to launch her business - a business rooted in classic design but supported by cutting edge technology. Tech + Fashion = Success

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