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Road Trip!

Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. This week, WFEE's volunteer Board of Trustees left behind our usual meeting room hidden away at a local church for Muraco Elementary School.

Third grade students there patiently showed us how to program a Pro-Bot, explaining that sometimes it is a matter of trial and error.

"It is harder than you think."


Educators turned to WFEE to purchase the Pro-Bots this year with two goals in mind: teaching students skills needed for coding but, perhaps more importantly, allowing them to use those skills to demonstrate understanding of math and engineering.


"The overarching goal is providing engaging, equitable alternatives to standardized tests."

Lynn Mazzocchi, Muraco Teacher

At the second grade level educators decided Osmos used with iPads would provide the best learning experience.

"Osmo encourages collaboration, creativity, communication, and creative thinking. It provides the opportunity to reach more of our students in the way that they learn best. It gives them a choice in how they demonstrate understanding which is a critical part of a successful curriculum."

Christina Ulacco, Muraco Teacher

Teachers are using Osmos to support everything from math to geography. The hands-on, interactive nature of the product makes it a hit with students.

"It helps get our brains going in a different way."


 Sometimes getting a different perspecitive will do that for you.

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