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Now You See It!

Show, not tell, is the driving force behind a WFEE grant that provided infrared cameras operating with refurbished smart phones to WHS and McCall Middle School. The cameras allow students to detect thermal energy that is invisible to the naked eye. 

This afternoon WFEE physics students worked through a number of lab experiments, studying the transfer of heat. Some of the experiments came from teacher Lis Angus, others were created by the students themselves. All elicited reactions like "Wow!" and "That is so cool!"

"We can see the change as its happening and not just assume that it is happening. It makes physics a lot more interesting."

Julia Gans, Student 

The grant purchased 18 small cameras which are being shared between McCall and WHS. Learning about convection, conduction, radiation and more has suddenly become more real. 

"You're exploring the invisible world. It is exciting and even artistic."

Lis Angus, WHS Physics Teacher 

Ms. Angus, Chemistry teacher Gina Zhou and McCall educator Rob Leonard co-wrote the grant. All agree learning happens more easily when students are engaged. 

"You need to develop activities that grab kids attention and challenge their thinking." 

Gina Zhou

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