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More Than A Trip

Sometimes a trip to the mall is just a pain in the neck. Or, it can be the culmination of days of work, an achievement of planning and a source of pride. When WHS Educator Jared Huber took his students to the mall it was the later.

Jared's students are part of the Post Grad Program at Winchester High School. The PGP teaches life skills to students ages 18-21. A big focus is applying for jobs or internships. And as everyone knows, before you get the job, you have to look the part. Mr. Huber and his team turned to WFEE for help funding outfits for the students. There was much more to the grant than buying clothes. Before the shopping, the students did lots of work - budgeting, mapping a route on the MBTA, and practicing social skills. "I loved how professional each student looked. Just to see the pride in each of their faces was an amazing experience." Jared Huber, WHS Educator Patience might be the most important life skill that anyone can learn. The 7 students who shopped together spent hours at the store. "They all helped look for clothes for their peers and not just for themselves. They were so patient and supportive of each other." Marcia Jones, WHS Educator

"It was fun to choose a belt, shirt, pants for my internships! " Jarrett "The trip was fun! I was so happy and proud of myself!" Angel "I enjoyed picking out clothes! Trying on different clothes was exciting!" Capucine "I thought I looked handsome in my new outfit!" Andy "It was AWESOME!" Brian Sometimes a trip to the mall is a lot more than a pain in the neck.

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