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Long Time Coming

In 2019 Ambrose educators reached out to WFEE with an idea. What if the whole elementary school participated in a story telling project? We were intrigued and gave the grant a green light in January of 2020. Then covid hit....we don't need to tell you the rest of that story.

Fast forward to the fall of 2021 and the project is finally back on track. Norah Dooley of Young Audiences of Massachusetts has begun working with students, teaching them the skills they need to write about themselves.

"Storytelling is a time machine, a transporter. We will find your stories just looking at the little things that happen in your life."

Norah Dooley

Ambrose assistant principal Michele Kelly wrote the WFEE grant hoping to engage the whole school in a project that would support literacy at every level.

"We are excited and eager to have students dig deeper and explore, alongside Norah's coaching, ways that they can tell their own unique, personal stories. This will make for a strong K-5 theme that we can experience together, write together, and have a culminating "share out" come the spring." Michele Kelly, Ambrose Assistant Principal

Ms. Dooley's first meetings with students were all held outdoors. She will visit with each grade level at least three times during the school year. As the weather gets colder the visits will become virtual, but the message stays the same. Everyone is a writer and by sharing our stories we all become stronger.

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