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It's Electric!

Tinkering, thinking and collaborating are the building blocks of a new Winchester High School after class activity. Led by senior Allan Huang, the Computer and Electronics Club aims to teach an engineering mindset to students, giving them the skills to build a computer or electrical components for other projects.

"Another skill would be facing unknown problems with an open heart and trying out new things, even if it is likely to result in failure as it is an important step in learning."

Allan Huang - WHS Senior

Allan turned to WFEE for a Student Innovation Grant to fund everything from soldering irons to electrical components and screwdrivers. Students are learning about the principals of electronics, magnetism and may eventually build their own computers.

"I hope club members develop a problem-solving mindset, perseverance, and team communication skills."

Allan's interests may center around electronics; but, he and other students are mastering skills that will take them far no matter what career they choose.

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