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Goodbye to Lynch

63 years and done...the old Lynch School will close its doors for the last time tomorrow with the new building set to open in 2025.

The whole school turned out this afternoon to share memories and seal up a time capsule to be opened when the new building is complete.

Students wrote about their Lynch experience as a part of a WFEE grant focused on identity. Those memories plus well wishes offered as part of the WFEE Teacher Tribute program were all sealed in the capsule.

"It’s been a great run, Lynch! Can’t wait for the Hawks to soar into their new home!" The Bergstrom Family

Students said their good byes to Lynch in front of a WFEE funded mural that was created in 2012. The grant supporting the project was written by then Principal Chris Kelley and art teacher Sophie Rosenberg.

"A mural residency project would serve as a great way to not only beautify and brighten the somewhat run-down school building, but also to engage students and parents in a project that would enhance community pride. Such a project would further promote a sense of inclusion and acceptance among the student body, and embrace the multicultural make-up of the school." Sophie Rosenberg

Lynch parents hope to ensure that the mural is moved to the new building with a potential request for another mural residency. Till then, WFEE joins Winchester in wishing the Lynch community the best!

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