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#girrrl Power

This isn't a picture of today's typical technology entrepreneurs.

But, it is a glimpse into the future. Led by WHS Senior Nisha Goel, these McCall Middle School students are coding apps as part of the international Technovation movement. 

"I thought it would be cool to learn to code." Jasmine, McCall 6th Grader 

Through Technovation girls work with women mentors, creating apps meant to solve real world problems. Students not only design an app, they create a business plan and pitch it to a panel of entrepreneurs. Mentor Nisha Goel says the ultimate goal is to encourage young women to pursue engineering or scientific careers.

Nisha turned to WFEE for help with the Technovation Club when she realized some students needed access to Android tablets before they could learn coding. Her WFEE Student Innovation Grant is providing tablets for club use. Nisha provides the inspiration.

"It is all about creating, why not do it for a good cause?" Nisha Goel, WHS

With Nisha's help, Jasmine and her partners are now creating an app called "GO," for Go Outside. Installed on a smart phone, it uses a picture of a plant that "grows" when exposed to sunlight. Design details are still being refined but the goal is encouraging young people to spend more time outside. Process, not end product, is key.

McCall students finish their projects after April break, pitching them at a statewide competition in May. Good luck! We will let you know how they do.

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