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Becoming Independent

Sometimes the most important things our children learn in school aren't the ABCs but life skills. How does understanding science and math translate into grocery shopping or making a snack? How do educators best prepare all students for life beyond the classroom? That is the driving force behind Life Skills, a new component of the Connections Program at McCall Middle School.

"This program will assist students in becoming more independent, confident, and socially successful." Jacqui Simmers, Occupational Therapy Assistant, McCall Middle School

Jacqui reached out to WFEE for help buying the building blocks of her program - things like blenders to make smoothies, groceries and cleaning supplies. The lesson on making a smoothie required students to read directions, think through the whole process, measure ingredients and try something new.

While not everyone loved the end product, the process was both educational and fun. Next up? More cooking, learning laundry skills and maybe a trip out to eat.

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