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Back In School

While all of us enjoy the last days of summer, hundreds of Winchester teachers are back in the classroom, figuring out better ways to help our children achieve. Some numbers:

  • 140+ hours of professional development offered in August alone 

  • More than 200 educators participating in professional development

Ongoing this week, a Home Grown Institute featuring the nationally recognized Calkins Reading Workshop. 

 "Inspiring and exciting! We explored meaningful structures of lessons, the importance of building reading communities in our classrooms, and putting ourselves in our students' shoes!"

Katie Malone, Elementary Literacy Coordinator

60 educators from across Winchester are participating in the week long program funded by both WFEE and Winchester Public Schools. Bringing the NYC based Workshop to Winchester, rather than sending teachers to New York, saved thousands of dollars and allowed numerous educators to take advantage of the training. 

"We are looking forward to the rest of the week and the start of the school year."

- Katie Malone

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