• Caren Connelly

Babies at WHS?

They aren't alive but they are teaching WHS students lots of real life lessons. 6 Real Life Babies, computer programmed infant simulators, are now going home over the weekend with students in an Early Childhood Development class.

Purchased as part of a WFEE grant, the "babies" have a variety of needs that simulate those of an actual infant. A computer chip records whether or not the "babies" are fed, changed or abused. Students have to care for them through the night and take them along when they go out. 

"I got lots of dirty looks from Moms."

The infants are used in the context of teaching childcare, but, educator Brenda Turney notes that pregnancy prevention comes in the self reflection portion of the course. This is what she hears from students: 

"I felt more empowered that I did this well, that I can be in charge of an adult thing. But, it made me not want a child right now!"

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