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Art Matters!

If your child has ever brought home a carefully crafted piece of work from art class you know why art matters. It allows children to express themselves; it connects us all in a very visceral way. 

But sometimes even art teachers need a little instruction and inspiration. That is why WFEE sent all of our art educators to a national conference held in Boston this past weekend. 

"The impact of these lectures, workshops and networking opportunities will ripple through our curricula, our interactions with students and collaboration with peers.  

So grateful for the opportunity!" Jenn Levatino, Educator

This year WFEE also funded online subscriptions to a professional learning platform for Winchester's art teachers. The Art of Ed site provides everything from practical tips on printmaking to guidance about developing adaptive art programs.

"It's immediate professional development on whatever you might need, it helps with what you currently need for your students." Tyler Sorgman, Ambrose Elementary School Educator 

Elementary art teachers used information from the Art of Ed site this afternnon, collaborating on creating lesson plans for using clay in the classroom. It was also time to reflect on what they learned at the NAEA Art Educators Conference. 

"It was just MIND BLOWING! Workshops, resources, connections and networking, vendors with new product material ideas. My brain is going to explode from the enormity of the event. The entire elementary art dept team attended. We all say THANK YOU WFEE!​" Sue Costello, Lincoln Elementary School Educator

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