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Thousands of Winchester children are  using educational technology to explore, create and learn.

Thank you!

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Your gifts to WFEE ensure that something exciting and innovative is happening at every school in Winchester. 

  • Award winning authors and illustrators visit each year, encouraging a love of literacy, showing our children how to succeed as writers

  • WHS students facing learning challenges now have additional support mastering curriculum thanks to WFEE grants

  • Elementary students are enjoying increasingly diverse book collections 

These are just a few of the WFEE funded grants that are impacting students every day thanks to gifts from our community. Educators tell us that WFEE's grants make ours a stronger school system. 

“It is empowering as a teacher to know that I have a support system in addition to the district to help me bring big ideas to reality in the classroom.”  Anne Bianchini, Lynch Educator

WFEE also helps students turn their big ideas into reality with our Student Innovation Grants. Given at all levels, elementary through high school, the $1,000 grants fund everything from technology to Buddy Benches. 

Inspiring innovation, supporting creativity - that has been WFEE's mission since 1993. Thank you for joining us in making a difference! 


Thank you to the 16 authors and illustrators who visited all of our elementary schools and McCall Middle School. 

"Authorfest provides students a chance to see authors as people who have worked hard at improving their skills. They came away thinking where their hard work might lead them."
Elementary Library Media Specialists

Revising, editing, character development, having fun with words, all of that and more was presented by our authors. 

"Our students were tremendously engaged and inspired by Authorfest. Thank you!" Carolyn Plosky


Learn more and check out the pictures.





The Buzz Subsides


Bee-ing back in person for the 2023 WFEE Trivia Bee was a blast! After two years of virtual Trivia Bees with the very popular Bee in a Bag  it was time to get together again. 


53 teams of adults plus our 5th grade teams showed up to compete.

The rounds were tough with multiple tiebreakers but in the end we had a winner.

Lynch Elementary School took the fabulous 5th grade round and BEE Inclusive, representing the Network for Social Justice won the adult round. Ready to see the pictures?   Click here! 

A very big thank you to longtime Queen Bee sponsors Barrett Sotheby's International Realty and Moriarty Construction. 

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Make a Year End Gift Today!

Inspire a teacher and you can influence a whole generation. 

Thank you to our business sponsors

inspiring student leadership

"I want to install a Buddy Bench for kids to use at recess if they do not have someone to play with."

— Evie Moran, Grant Recipient, Muraco Student

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