Thousands of Winchester children are  using educational technology to explore, create and learn.

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Not What We Bargained for...

But, we are going to make this school year a good one! Whether your students are working fully remotely or following the hybrid model, WFEE understands this is a difficult year. Educators are working harder than ever; parents are balancing their children's educational needs against work obligations. Everyone needs help. To date, WFEE has provided:

  • Supplies for students learning at home

  • Additional training for educators around distance learning

  • Both mindfulness training for educators and support as they work with students who have heightened anxiety.

As the 2020 school unfolds WFEE is exploring creating enhanced programming for elementary students​ during their remote learning days.


Stay tuned for more about The Humanities Grant!

In Solidarity

WFEE's Board of trustees and executive director join the many voices demanding justice, an end to racism and police brutality. Please read and reflect on this statement from the network for social justice.

Below is a link to help you address these issues with your children.

Project GRow Your Mind

Determined to start the year with hope, a group of WHS students turned to WFEE for help. Their plan? Make spring of 2021 something special by working with 4th grade students to plant 1,200 tulip bulbs at elementary schools across the district.  WFEE bought the supplies, the high school students created curriculum about plants, presented it in Zoom meetings at the elementary schools and then in October scores of students went to work transforming the landscape. Why did the high schoolers do it? They wanted to make the younger students feel better. 

"School is not going to be normal this year. Kids have been through a lot in the last few months."

Make a Year End Gift Today!

Inspire a teacher and you can influence a whole generation. 

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inspiring student leadership

"I want to install a Buddy Bench for kids to use at recess if they do not have someone to play with."

— Evie Moran, Grant Recipient, Muraco Student

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