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Thanks to your support, powerED UP! is changing Winchester classrooms. Students and teachers are challenging themselves with new ways of learning and communicating.


See what we have accomplished in a little more than a year.
What Do We Need?

We are more than half way to our goal of raising $850,000 in support of educational technology. But we aren't there yet.

Not all teachers have access to the technology that they are requesting for our children. For every 10 devices requested, we are only able to grant 5.

You can change that picture.

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Sarah Swiger served Winchester many years as a School Committee member, community activist and education advocate. Her work was recognized across Massachusetts, her death more than a year ago a loss that is still keenly felt by her family, colleagues and educators.

WFEE is proud to announce that John Fleming, WHS educator, is the recipient of the first annual Sarah Swiger Award.

Learn more about John!

Time for Teacher Tributes!

The school year is rapidly winding down and things are getting crazy.

An easy, meaningful way to thank your favorite educator is with a Teacher Tribute. Make your Tribute on line or

print out this form and mail it to WFEE, PO Box 1005, Winchester, MA 01890.

A gift from the heart is the best way to say "thank you!"